"The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques"
by Judy Martin
Copyright (c) 1992
by Quatro Publishing, plc
Running Press Book Publishers
ISBN 1-56138-139-X
Page 122
"Summer Still Life"
NOTE: 'The gradations of color have been so subtly
contrived in this picture that it has the smoothness
and delicacy of a watercolor, but it has been worked
completely in pencils.'
Page 131
"Study in Light"
NOTE: 'This is an unusual subject in itself, made
exceptional by the beautiful shape of the shadow.
Controlled shading builds the shapes and textures with
great accuracy, relying on the realities of the still
life to make the visual impact.'

"The Best Of Colored Pencil"
CSPA Colored Pencil Society of America
Copyright (c) 1993
Rockport Publishers, Inc.
ISBN 1-56496-049-8
Page 139
"The Scarf" 23" x 29"
"Brass Quintet: 20.5" x 26"

"The Best of Colored Pencil 2"
CSPA Colored Pencil Society of America
Copyright (c) 1994
Rockport Publishers, Inc.
ISBN 1-56496-108-7
Page 79
"Three Fans" 21" x 27"

"The Best of Colored Pencil 4"
F & W Pubns
Copyright (c) 1997
ASIN: 1564963896
NOTE: 'The Best of Colored Pencil 4" showcases winners
from the Fourth Annual Colored Pencil Society of
America (CPSA) International Exhibition. Features 145
of the best artwork selected from 1,000 entries in a
beautiful full-color volume. Gives insights into the
artists' thoughts, processes, and inspiration for the
winning works. Includes a range of subjects from the
traditional to the whimsical and humorous. Presents
every style and technique in visual art expression -
graphic design to fine art. An inspirational and
educational treasure for every artist - professional
and amateur alike.'